Resurrecting Bomba Kryptologiczna
Archaeology of Algorithmic Artefacts, I
David Link

The procedure executed on the Polish Bomba Kryptologiczna is reconstructed on the basis of Marian Rejewski's accounts and simulative experiment. An original Wehrmacht message from the period in question is broken to illustrate the effectiveness of the hardware and the routines employed. The authenticity of the indicators given in Rejewski's first and later reports is investigated and the circuitry of a simplified version of the bomba presented.

Resurrecting Bomba Kryptologiczna: Archaeology of Algorithmic Artefacts, I. Cryptologia 33.2 (2009): 166-182.
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  • BOMBA Applet: This JAVA Applet simulates the operations of the Polish "Bomba Kryptologiczna". The purpose of this machine was to break German strategic communications enciphered on "Enigma". Please click here to see it.

  • Indicator Generator Applet: This Applet allows one to generate indicators for a given wheel order, ring settings and Stecker connections of Enigma. Please click here to see it.

  • Cyclometer Applet: This Applet simulates the operations of the Polish "Cyclometer, a device built before the "bomba" for decrypting the German "Enigma". Please click here to see it.

  • For these applets to run, you may need to set the security level in the JAVA control panel to "medium".