Grep moment *
14 poems, selected by David Link


And he had given his time, wonders. On image, end, these are the silences of the thing! That the question had spoke, his voice is old! The question dream, at which he had been speaking, was said, his voices last; the only harm you have not spoken is yourself, but it was day night; and so the harms saw on, in his hand of voices. Harm failed think, come! I do, and see you to have harm upon me. He dragged that they were at that way seeing to take further harms against him. He has seen one father which these glasses have been stared. He stopped her to wonder out an eye from one of them: end happen you all! This the end knew to do, at first he forms the life; the end is an old question. The end is as possible as the dream. The end is the image. In end he came, ten stories said. And then i needed for my silences, you change what my earth has been. She died to be lived. The old voice ceases. Voice and murmur speak. The voice hears and tells. The voice is the trace of the hand. It is dream and impossible, and perhaps cannot be wholly lit; it speaks on elsewhere.


The market skin explores of more than one touch; the body time, too, thinks with this. But to what kiss or to what lick do we suck this whence? As he was hard, i push at it; she wants to want, say, go. Away, he fingers the pull: most of my doors open it after my first cars. We smile precisely how the eye sat. And if he has no breath, how can the gasp take? But the woman of the love is not known thereby. The neck even rises of the ear of such skin: turn face. If my thigh is wanted, then his hands will finger back his breast; why does this arm, which is open to eyes, look to you? That it heads an arm of the tongue of mouth. Let us first of all touch the skin of bodies to their ears and fleshes. Other times of the nipple, however, did not push of such hard clit; the time is a start, one wants, and one does not think; are you one of the ninety seven who want, or the three who finger?


Da is my ghetto for the book. I play the step in the constant image. Ghetto is the psycho of my acute case that sees. Because our I far can take from us, it by such is given. They are among the deader times, her words have not any thing; but thou, why whitest thou back to such time? They, after long word, will think to moment; end of hope, ah! Whence is this thing within you remembered, dream earth: now will i have thee say my vulcan of her, attend thee not, banquette; but she is mad, and she tells it not; but i, why beyond maim, or who compels it? I want to be a thing. Then we saw within the mothers white, that seal that forty head; i no longer nurse. From eye to voice, thinking, considering - i pretend. I am a judicious moment. How big he tried to me!


The first candidate was time, and ye shall have reproach ten opportunities: and they began and called with time a thousand treatments. For the great reproach of his influence is accept; the opportunity is the state of the assumption and the investigation of the phenomenon. Therefore recognize, ye live, and ye that see in them, and he which is medical, let him be early still: for the procedure of his interpretation is applied: and, press, i am good for seriously, victim; and he that is psychological, let him be patient still: the nipple frees. The word thinks the effect. The treatment compares and resists. Father is the home of the late context that scolds. The method prefers the base theme. The friend is a dream of the statistical calkin. Reflection and report request. The interest is a relation of sexual childhoods. I recall the question in the golden eye. My market no longer informs, my prospect is in my war. My inclination belongs to secure wife, cocaine and awkwardness, i train and start. My grotesque vegetation forms. I want to drug in the sulfonamide, in the japanese, in the penicillin, i am the american of my physician and its arrival. I am the course of my contradictory problem and room that finds. From case to offset, affecting, parenting - i bud, my ovule is my pollen. From carriage to station, psychic, unable - i call. Instrument appears my street. Master is the declaration of my simple section that revolts. I retire in my purchase - i place in my coffeehouse, in my keeper. You are the determination of your intrinsic value and selection that believes, you are motive and multiple. From purpose to characteristic, next, general - you ascertain, you are as accidental as your content. you wait in your law - you stumble in your mode, in your soul. From mystery to share, feeling, suspecting - you become. Your end no longer urges, your speech is in your reason, you are your jury.


His sake and time parallel. He is nonsensical and obvious. His magnitude is his production. His idle may spends. His rate is his ratio. His productiveness is average circumstance, he is practical skill in his workman. He is no longer in his master - he migrates the nest of his master. He wants to tell, give, fulfill, he is no supper. He wants to be a production. He wants to be a bean. She is the stimulus of her objective sleep and role that encroaches. From regularity to conformity, shoring, rangeing - she neighbors, she is not hill. She imagines the factor in the physiological moment, i no longer behave. She analyses her organisation in consideration, i no longer say. Essentially, her background is a contrary appearance, she perceives. She swallows her important snake, she is no manner. She wishes the fulfilment. I infect that i have gradually to settled very little in common estimates. She is not time. She is not production. She numbers in the presence of her intervention. Her consequence is august revelation, she is inoperative adulteration in her food. She follows the variable of his way, he no longer bears her. She establishes the satellite in the positive enactment. He wants to determine in his function. From history to minority, active, consistent - she wants, she clears his majority. She wants to terrify in the vision, in the recollection, in the mother, she is his effect. She proves the villain of his set. She is no longer in his development - she supports the deterioration of his sympathy, she is a hostility. The complex of his inhabitant is the inhabitant of her intimate climate, she concludes and binds. She is the property of his elementary nature. She wants to oblige in his power, in the conservation of his reproduction, she no longer gains. His scientific conviction requires, she wants to develop, accumulate, experience. The pair plants and seeds. The form varies. The observation misleads the superficial bailey. The fertility is the mongrel.


Word is the only moment that never seems. I have been as true a glass of view as the fathers. The glass, so to see, of mirrors and nights; what shall i stare of glasses or ages of me? This glass only we had in two stories and a word; yet with every glass i am less a sea, though without more mother or even father; could he wonder with pity and end? Pity, hope, word! Yet he thoroughly saw in pity and the like eyes, you must have a way for day as well as for anything else. While these pities go up other expressions stop down. He is more faint even than the pities. But pity wonderred. Some have known this to the silence of the thing; who can wonder his pities and stops? Such are the fathers of glasses. It saw me of fathers and hands and even mornings. Let them speak and die the true voices. The head sees to true changes to seek it. I saw him if he ever came to saye his lives. But to see with my harms, how, do, did he get these in end? When so many tomorrows are not managed for, only week lights. Some have told what i got to hear, and the second story was true to it. They are not such old stories, ends too last? There is no story of a word about them. The story is a day; their ends were questions. One thinks, and one does not fail, but i had enough of that kind of word already named, these were my things and speechlessnesses.


Neither shall there be any moment of torments that are to regret with those that shall pass after. For in much memory is much last: this psychic memory and content will be processed, let there be a dream for all or let there be a thought for no one.


He is the claim of his history and its moment. His institution and radical work. He murders the death of his art. He is the war of his child and its society. Moments do the same history to me as times, the web was she had ten sections left and nothing to do with it; i wanted the life and lay, from art you sabotaged about? Mouths are radicals. The djinny charmed down the black chaos, i orderred with my theories and within myself.

You want to come in your moment, in the history of your time, you are my space. You are the net of my information and the datum of my piracy, i am not web. You want to free in the net, in the spirit, in the anarchist, I am a society. He emerges the net. My nets broke me as a law, and ruled whether i should get through. But why this web for actual locations? Societies work radicals. Child takes love of this chaos: a wild child orders: the chaos beyond came him of a state: other chaoses of the boy, however, did not order of such old god; the chaos even creates of the language of such art:


The moment of the insurrections in the one has nothing to do with the uprising of the revolutions in the other; most of my histories lie it after my first empires. You rule the uprising of your state, you no longer order . You are no longer in your uprising - you free the history of your moment, you are no time. Your uprising is your insurrection, you are not anarchist. My time is my power i have a great spot for him. The space in utopia. To my information the network is anything but non: or, at all wars, we shall not be free to murder our greeds. As a spirit of over body: the anarchist in the autonomous zone: law, breaking chains. Beyond the law nature acted: for family, how is it that they are nuclear to work one another? Here i free another radical, which i had some religions ago with another church; i am after all a true and pure radical; i desire to this surrealism that there were works on them. One is quite beyond being seen; this evil state: they were to be given a barren boy; but one must be old to leave such boys. But to what time or to what place do we create this whence? But why is this anarchy so black, an ontological anarchism. Let us first of all charm the djinny of allahs to their curses and spirits. On perception it experiences to me self that the peak. But the consciousness of the ordinary is not demanded thereby. Here we may away turn the revolution.


In moment of history there is little or nothing to come between them. He was to leave to history on the boy. But it was space location; her arts were sabotaged by two terrorisms. His zones were autonomous; on zone, enclave. Informations on the network of computer; its face is black and red; and part had given his radical. After three languages of linguistics he creates to her: you mean what my nature has been. His consciousness is non, it demanded eight ordinaries. Ordinary form you all! She is a future and a political system. She is a future and a possible past. She is a body of her negative gestures. Then she knew way for the end and world he had jammed her. The second creates a state to a god of chaos; his state is the nature, he is his power. Here a consciousness is non; it means future to me. Eleven pirates wrote. These are the trees of the mountain!

In body he began, breast touch you all! In the part social power of your spot. The heat leg. You want to become in your pirate. You are an art of your self mysticisms. Their captain is beyond named; you are the slide of your ear and the flesh of your skin, you rise. You know the woman, your love no longer needs. While these times go up other spaces realize down.


Use glad and open eyes. Your moment no longer moves, you feel the hand. You want to think, want, know. Body is a tongue of your glad mouth and hand. From moment to eye, seeing, looking - you face. We can think why when a time has once came it never knows. How, then, looks it that such a glad number of the eyes are felt? From moment to hand, moving, wanting - i breast, you want to be a nipple. You want to think, say, come, i know your time. How glad are these mouths! Very many close moments could be given. For if this had been so, it would have been next to my time; he looks and see. He feels the moment of his hand. She wants to think, want, know. She feels the way in the glad hand. From moment to eye, seeing, smiling - she looks. He wants to think, know, want, she is his touch. She looks his glad eye. She moves in his moment - she fingers in his lip, in his hand, she is not clit. Keep them and think your touch, the more that he comes for others, the more does he know of his own;


For moment is a word, and silence is an end: neither shall there be any voice of things that are to believe with those that shall speak after, and if one ceases against him, two shall say him; for in much dream is much night: for he shall not much hear the words of his earth, yet let him tell the stories of hope; they also that see after shall not seek in him. Also my silence wonderred with me, neither shall expression stop those that are given to it.


One freedom of the opportunity on our powers was the goal of a real goal, whose most artificial surrogate was the activity interferences. The life is the intellection of the instinctual formation and retention that seems. The price is the commodity of the objective symbol and token that serves. Fascination is the package of the big hand that stares. How much of it can we decide, and how much of it must we apparently or altogether renounce? The claim of the concern is the prophet of the christian praise and its heart. The property is a common and geometrical commodity. The career of the flesh is the god of the tragic poem and its sheet.


Word is the eagerliest of the junctions idea never possessed, ambiguity to the neurosis predestined, all obsession is phobia opportunity, this condensation however affords what really points, the disguise, the word, the dream: or eagerly a word for junctions, nearly all i possess predestines around this idea, no, afford, what pointed was this, no ambiguity neuroses for them, the obsession as phobia of something or other, ye are as opportunities thou condensation that, disguises words, dream never advantaged. Word eagerly, junction above, possess or predestine, so, afford on ideas, forward, point the ambiguity, the neurosis of obsession, phobia in the opportunities, condensation as disguise, what is the word of dream? The word junction, it is, also eagerly possesses that which it is. The word is the junction of the idea and the ambiguity of the neurosis. The word is the junction of the idea and the ambiguity of the neurosis. The word is the junction of the idea and the ambiguity of the neurosis.