II. realization

So the Sphere stage is existing in the local exhibition space as well as on the monitors of the online-participants.

observation point

Registered computers at observation points are seismic interfaces of the Sphere event. An approaching sphere becomes gradually seismically and acoustically perceptible. Flying through an observation point the sphere is visible on the screen; its message is received and projected.

exhibition place

The Sphere stage creates a subtle field of tense expectation that is continuously fed with small amounts of information. A sphere is expected. With its arrival the information becomes reality. During the exhibition the arrival event becomes a legend. The visitor can get information about the current position and course of all spheres, their launching places and the position of all observation points at any time. He has access to the message of the local sphere and may enter additional information. The seismic waves of approaching spheres are displayed in realtime as audiovisual information and reach the exhibition space as a permanent and light seismic and acoustic vibration. Their distribution depends on the condition of the surrounding earth’s crust as well as the current position of spheres nearby.

The next arrival of a sphere is announced by a central countdown displaying the number of seconds left. Since its course is bound to change any time, the countdown is subjected to abrupt and sudden changes.

The exhibition space contains a bar. When a sphere is about to arrive the bar opens, the room becomes active and is athmospherically transformed. The seismic waves of the arriving sphere increase, the ground shakes harder and harder. Through the experience of the arrival the expectation at the information is fulfilled. The arrival is the perceptable proof that the data was calculated physically exact. In a short but orgiastic moment the sphere beats through the local space. Sound, light vibrations and tremors reach earthquake intensity. The earthquake is a tremor, sound and light composition. The local event fades. The data of the foreign message flickers over the display.

Each sphere realization is celebrated at the bar. Since finally its arrival can never be predicted and information can create reality at any time, the party is a sudden and spontaneous event, a special happening.