David Link,
Art and Theory

Poetry Machine Poetry Machine 2001 / 2019
         >Currently on show at Centre for Art and Media ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
Poetry Machine May Not the Soul Be as Balloons
An exhibition, Curated By Poetry Machine
Radar Angels FM Einheit / David Link: Radar Angels.
Ein generativer Liederzyklus. WDR3 radio, Open Sounds

         Lyrics of Radar Angels
         Radar Angels at the Turing Conversation, ETH Zurich
Meditationes Meditationes. A Metaphysical Laboratory
Archaeology of Algorithmic Artefacts Archaeology of Algorithmic Artefacts
         Read the review!

Exhibition of a Dream "Death Progression", Exhibition of a Dream
         The text of the dream
         Audio Excerpt on Mixcloud
Monster Resurrection Monster Resurrection
         Video (German)
LoveLetters_1.0 LoveLetters_1.0
         Valentine's Day at the New Yorker
         documenta Notebook Machine Heart
         Love-letters, first derivative - PDF / EN / DE
         Fine Art Prints

Chorus_1.0 Chorus_1.0 - 2.0

PoetryMachine_1.0 PoetryMachine_1.0 - 2.0
         Grep moment *, DE / EN

Sphere Sphere

Memory Memory

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